Integrated Advertising Solutions.

Access. Coverage. Result Oriented.

Why Us

Most clients came to us because their peers recommended,...
"If you are stuck, talk to Sudarshan Chetlur Design Studio. If they say yes,
then the job will be done." And from this stems our belief:



We had a modest start in the year 2002 and by now in 2017, we have worked with, served, and created fortunes for global leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Wellness, Diagnostics and Healthcare, Electronics, Cosmetics and Beauty industries from around the world.

Think of the top 10 in the above verticals and we would have worked with at least 2 of them.



Our reputation can be confirmed by the fact that we have made only 2 cold calls for business development till date when we started 15 years ago. Our clients developed our business for us. Our work, commitment, integrity, honesty and above all 'OUR INTENT', ...simply traveled.

Each new client we earned had invited us owing to a referral by a client on board.

Our Intent


We believe in committing ourselves from thought to action. We work right the from idea to production. Our conduct is beyond agency like. We take the onus.

We fight for 'bright ideas', 'correct ideas' and the 'visual language' that people can comprehend. For us, it is 'design for people', that holds value.

Not the client, not us either.



Commitment is a small word, we 'PROMISE' to be there every step of the way.

We are passionate and take the responsibility of making the world a fraction more beautiful with design & communication rather seriously.



For us, 'Brand Building' is much like 'Fortune Telling'. Just like palmistry or numerology, 'Brand Building' is an art that builds on a predictable 'Pulse' of the 'People' who build the identity of a society, community, region or country.

At SCDS, we help clients showcase their brands to people through creative channels of expression like:

  • Brand Name
  • Packaging
  • P.O.P.
  • Films & Multimedia
  • Annual Themes
  • Motivational Programs
  • Code Of Ethics Design
  • Generation Brand Identity
  • Direct Mail
  • Branding Collateral Design
  • Web / Portal Design
  • CSR Communication
  • Motivational Films
  • Code Of Work Design
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Audio Visual / Sound Design
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Work Space Environment Design
  • Brand / Packaging Manuals
  • Values & Principles
... and much more.



Sudarshan Chetlur Design Studio is funded by 'ideas' and 'thoughts' of visionaries and masters. It is their teaching and mentoring we bring forth to the frame.

It is their spirit that flows in us.

It is their vision that inspires us.

It is their story that motivates us.

We love to work with clients who strive for change, those who dream of contributing to their field like, just like great masters have done for centuries.

Our turnover speaks more of the trust that our clients have in us. Our own figures are impressive as we have the ability to figure out and transform products to become million dollar brands like Volini, Revital, Pepfiz, Gestid, MedGenome, Q-Sera, OnTears and Ranferon in domestic and international markets... And we are proud of it!