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  • We had to write a script for our ASCO conference and I was not at all getting satisfied with the copies. I received from various agencies. At the eleventh hour, an agency named SCDS came up with a brilliant theme and script and saved the day. We were all impressed with their work. What happened later was a professional relationship with them that harvested success after success. This lead to a lot of creative campaigns (Mission Everest, Nanoxel, Kabigef Launch, Annual Calendar etc.) for our company. SCDS displayed creativity, professionalism, timeliness, superb designing skills and creative brand support. Above and beyond, they brought in fresh energy to our team. With time, Sudarshan and I became great friends. He introduced me to his music, art and his various multifaceted talents. Even though I have left the company and city now, I always look forward to working with him and SCDS.


    Nephrology, Biocon, India
    Sudarshan is a very talented, creative and dedicated designer. He is a down to earth good human being, skillfully seas-oned professional with amazing attention to details and understanding of a creative brief. Sky is not the limit for Sudarshan when we talk about creating something unique that touches life and conveys the message rightly. He is very good at conveying the message strategically in a touching way with sophistication. Each color of his canvas speaks about his unique visual style, excellent copy and magical graphics. I am sure his undying passion towards creativity will take him to greater heights.

    Head Internal Communications

    Michelin, India
  • SCDS has been a great resource for us from a end-to-end communications standpoint. Through some of the campaigns that we worked together, they have been able to bring out the essence of Quest Diagnostics as a brand, in a manner that was creative and differentiated from the category. Through innovative use of colours and design elements, lucidly written copy and interesting communication themes SCDS has helped us translate difficult scientific topics, like Cardiovascular testing, into clearly understood customer benefits. Working within strict brand guidelines and sometimes strict timelines, they have helped us put together impressive brand campaigns, with significant top line impact, while retaining their creative flair and independence.


    BSN Medical, India
    SCDS has been attentive to our promotion & brand building needs, prompt in responding to any questions we may have, and efficient in meeting our timelines. The “SCDS creative energy”, has successfully put together great ideas for many promotional films that we envisioned. SCDS brought in the element of 'LIFE' to our brands. The best part is their enthusiasm that is always on its maximum. SCDS also possesses the rare ability to listen well and listen 'CORRECT' and put their clients' needs into action. I am very pleased with their work. I found SCDS devising effective marketing approaches for our brands. The entire SCDS staff is very easy to work with, and they are always available to answer any questions any time we had as projects unfolded. Their branding is 'EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE', to which, they stand 100% true.


    Prescription Brands, Sun Pharma, Russia
  • His top qualities are being able to give great results each time, a true professional with high integrity, and his capacity to be creative always. During my tenure at Ranbaxy, I have seen Sudarshan bringing to his work immense creativity and a desire to constantly learn and innovate. It was a pleasure to work with Sudarshan and his zest for churning out great creative output is commendable. He made pharma so exciting that one can only imagine the wonders he could create with a liquor brand!


    Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd, India
    During my tenure as Director HR for Europe, CIS, Africa and Latin America, I have had the opportunity to work with Sudarshan on a number of projects from 2000 to 2006. We worked together for my leadership, performance and communication based training films for which he developed numerous films and other creatives. Sudarshan is a uniquely skilled and experienced professional who delivers value time and again and among the best I have met. Sudarshan has strong understanding of business issues and is very efficient and effective in his work. I have also been impressed by Sudarshan's creativity and listening skills. I have the utmost level of respect for Sudarshan professionally and personally and I highly recommend him.


    Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, Netherlands
  • SCDS has always been a result oriented agency. When it came to being creative, they were the best for the job. It was not only because of their zeal, but, pharma advertising in total is a very challenging assignment that everybody thinks is far away from conventional advertising. At Ranbaxy Africa desk, SCDS was a name synonym to good concepts and quick execution. With SCDS we created great concepts which helped us achieve brand objectives. Sudarshan built SCDS with sheer commitment and dedication. This guy has an element of crazy behavior similar to many other advertising guys that always ensured a brilliant output.


    Vaccine (Maharashtra, AP & Telangana), Abbot, India
    Sudarshan’s creative agency SCDS Global was a major reason for our marketing and communication success in international markets in the 3 years that I was associated with him. They were responsible for some outstanding brand campaigns for our OTC, anti-infective and multivitamin brands in Africa. Above all, I believe - Sudarshan is in his element working on a tight brief where he can translate ideas into practical design. He has on many occasions come up with unmatched creative in varied forms, be it graphic, story, AV or music, I strongly recommend Sudarshan and his creative company to all wanting to show case their work in the marketing and advertising world.


    Women's Health, MSD (Merck Shop and Dome) Pharmaceuticals, India
  • Sudarshan is a creative powerhouse. His ability to think on multiple fronts is indeed commendable. His approach to any assignment is not based on what the brand is now but more on what the brand can be. In fact Sudarshan and I had the privilege to work on a brand which was awarded at an industry forum last year. An extremely decent human being with an indefatigable 'can do' attitude, Sudarshan is an inspiration to many. I wish him and his team all success


    (Pharma, Life Sciences & Healthcare) with an 'Un'Consultant Approach, Leadership Coach, White-Space Consulting and Capability Building, India
    Sudarshan had been my guide during my 2nd year in Architecture school ( I won't mention the subject coz it wa n't limited to some time frame, it's still working). The work done under his guidance has been one of my finest projects.
    We did 2 projects together both were totally different. One was making a poster through abstraction while the other was making a small movie. One thing common between both the projects was the process. Mr. Sudershan has a unique style of working. He always starts with aiming something, then divides it into small tasks and defines a time line to it. By following this process, I was very easily able to achieve the targets and at any point in time one is able check the results.
    This procedure has actually helped me a lot in my career. I have tried to apply this at almost every project till now. In addition Sudershan is a very talented person. He has a vast knowledge of things in various fields and general awareness, which makes him suitable for any kind of topics (its d biggest requirement of an artist, so as to be able visualize anything and everything). Whatever it requires to be a true artist, he has it all with highly courageous attitude, he is a very hardworking and smart working person and a wonderful human being.


    Partner at Dot Design Architecture, India
  • Sudarshan is an exceptional teacher. He has great ways of instilling design sense in students through creative assignments that need more than just a brushstroke. I believe it is essential for a designer to be able to think and look at a design problem from multiple perspectives to identify a path. The exercises we did as part of Sudarshan's class have really helped me develop this skill. In one of the exercises, we started with sketching a tree in various media, which lead to an abstract sketch, to an abstract model and further to a story woven into it as a structure. How he was able to combine teaching graphics and architecture through art and modeling is truly commendable. He is a very vibrant, involved, encouraging and approachable instructor – always available to help students and making them think outside the box


    User Experience Designer, India
    "‘Ridiculously Efficient’ is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Sudarshan. I had the pleasure of working with him for more than 12 years and collaborating on several projects. Sudarshan is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Sudarshan is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I recommend him to anyone looking for Brand Building, Communication Design, Corporate Branding, Films, Music and Multimedia


    MYZEAL IT Solutions Private Limited, India