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Mentor. Guide. Founding Father of SCDS

'Renjan Sir' as we all fondly address him has been the guiding light of SCDS. A Master of Contemporary Indian Art, Renjan Sir is one of the most respected and regarded names in the industry having guided and mentored countless Architects, Painters and Graphic Designers who went on to win awards and accolades around the world, having learnt under Him - the way of design.

An Artist, teacher, design consultant, animal trainer, Renjan Sir has guided Sudarshan Chetlur Design Studio in every aspect. Be it design or business decision, His guidance and mentorship has seeded the foundation of SCDS on the principles of hard work, attitude, creative sense, commitment, quality, honesty and above all our integrity. In fact, it is He who planted the thought of creating Sudarshan Chetlur Design Studio in the year 2002. His insights and experience have helped SCDS train itself with the idea of 'dedication to design'.

Apart from being a consultant to architecture and advertising studios in Delhi NCR, He has designed and headed workshops for creative teams of leading advertising agencies in the past. He has been a Faculty member in IED Vidyanagar, CEPT Ahmedabad, SPA Delhi, and SSAA Gurgaon.



Founder, CEO, Executive Creative Director

Sudarshan has an experience of over 25 years in the field of visual and performing arts. His understanding of brand communication stems from his multi-facets as an artist (painter), an acclaimed performing musician, a film maker, a teacher (former visiting faculty, Sushant School of Art and Architecture), an animal trainer, a design and branding coach, an expert in generating motivational themes for team performance, and also as a motivational speaker. Sudarshan is also the Vice President of the 'Stellars' chapter of BNI, Delhi Central that comprises of many business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO's.

Sudarshan has spent over 20 years of his experience churning out winning creative strategies and communication solutions across industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, wellness, lifestyle, electronics, beauty, cosmetics, education etc.. His experience with different domains has infused an understanding of design in a holistic way. He has lead from the front to generate business, marketing, and creative strategies that transformed start up products into million dollar brands in domestic and international markets.

The crux of understanding of brand building with Sudarshan rests in his ability to understand and comprehend PEOPLE - their nature, likes, response and sensibilities. Also, his strong understanding of business issues and customer benefits has earned him the reputation of being 2 steps ahead in an industry driven by changing trends. As an entrepreneur, his company SCDS has helped achieve brand objectives for many clients including MNCs from across the world.

He has gained strength and knowledge from his mentor, guide and teacher - Mr. M. R. Renjan, by being in his association for over 20 years, starting as a student at Shankar's Academy in 1995. He founded SCDS in 2002. Today, Sudarshan is a brand building consultant to many start ups, entrepreneurs and young aspirants of business and design, imparting to them business and design communication knowledge.



Co-Founder, Creative Director-Content

A versatile writer specializing in content writing, Rajmee is master when it comes to research, development and designing of content. A wordsmith by profession, she has been writing for a number of startups and companies and helping them to build their digital presence.

Her expertise in generating SEO based content has helped a number of clients and individuals to carve their presence in the web space. For her, reading and writing is the source of all creative energy that helps her stay connected to her core being and the world. Further, her talent is maximized by her ability to write on any subject. She writes for fashion, technology, parenting, food, lifestyle, relationships, trending news, technology, environment and even medicine.

Rajmee has lead from the front in co-founding SCDS and with sheer grit and determination, developed a strong foothold as a writer in the agency business.



Principal Consultant - Strategy & Positioning

Vikram A Munshi is the founder and Strategy & Leadership Consultant (Life-sciences & Healthcare) at WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building since January 2012. He began his association with SCDS in 2010.

Vikram brings to the table the three key elements to brand building - Insight, Clarity and Action. He is one of the key resources for SCDS to formulate branding and positioning strategies. A sharp thinker with extreme focus on brand goals, Vikram inspires the team to think beyond the conventional and explore 'POSSIBILITIES' that could set a trend. In fact, Vikram and Sudarshan together worked for a first time dermatology brand called Q-SERA HAIR SERUM, that went on to break industry records by over 200% touching million dollar sales figures in the launch year, therefore winning a coveted industry award.

Aggressive Pharma companies in India and the Indian Subcontinent seek Vikram’s knowledge to raise the bar at all levels in their organizations to achieve sustainable long term performance. Vikram’s 15 years of experience in all facets of sales, marketing and promotion of pharmaceuticals helps him bring to the table strong fundamentals of Strategy, Leadership Development, Branding and Processes.

An MBA from IISW&BM (Calcutta), M.Phil. from (BIT MESRA), Vikram is now awaiting his Ph.D. in his research subject. An avid reader, Vikram has also spoken at some of the top management institutes of India on the challenges in the emerging pharmaceutical markets, with focus on India.


Rohit Shah

Director - IT & Digital Marketing

Rohit heads the web design and digital marketing channel of SCDS and is also the founder of WOW IT Solutions - a sister concern of SCDS, initiated in the year 2014. Just 2.5 years old, WOW IT has achieved a landmark by winning the GOLD button from the CEO of YouTube for generating 100,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel through ethical marketing.

Insanely talented, highly energetic and a genius in writing a code, Rohit has been associated with SCDS for over 2 decades churning out close to 60 multimedia presentations that have won client objectives. The IT and digital marketing team under Rohit now boasts of 14 industry specific individuals working from our office in Mayur Vihar working under his mentorship.

Having elevated the performance and profitability of diverse organizations through expert alignment of innovative marketing and advertising strategies, Rohit Shah comes with over 18 years of experience in creative website design, mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, eLearning development, digital promotional campaigns and digital marketing management etc.

Among many other professional traits, Rohit excels in- Leading digital marketing experts that include content developers, SEO and SMO experts; Developing digital marketing strategies; Aligning strategy with Monitoring; Working with sales teams to measure ROIs and generating analytics; Strategizing and executing SMM, SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing activities; Working with the development team for improving user experience; and planning and executing content development and delivery.

Joydeep Dutta

Joydeep Dutta

Director - Finance & Accounts

Joydeep is an Investing Banker now with multi facet experience in various sectors having rich know how in the Debt and Equity Market. Having bid farewell to his role as VP in Axis Bank, he has forayed into the industry as an advisor who helps clients fulfill their marketing needs by suggesting financial leverages for brand building. Since no business functions without appropriate funds, Joydeep helps clients arrange and allocate funds while also advising on usage and meticulous planning ensuring ROI.

A senior banking professional with experience of 22 years, his vast expertise in Retail Banking domain, Trade Forex, Corporate Banking, Strategic Planning, Debt/ Equity funding and Credit & Risk Analysis helps clients at SCDS wisely allocate budgets for expansion for brand building. His coming to the SCDS band wagon has given a new lease of life to our clients.

An Economics Graduate, Alumni of IIM – C and Management Graduate from NIM, Mumbai, you can find Joydeep running Half Marathons across the country, 44 precisely till date!



Head- Film Direction & Production

Maxwel heads the film direction & production unit at SCDS while spearheading his venture called Circus Films. Having been associated with the team since 2012, Maxwel has been the dependable shoulder bringing to life the ideas developed by SCDS for films for our clients. He has lent creativity, innovation and technique and is a man of knowledge when it comes to enhancing audio visual stories for clients. Maxwel's friendship with Sudarshan over the years has given result to stunning work at SCDS. Together, they have directed and produced over 15 films in the last 5 years that include product, concept, brand and corporate films.

Born and raised in the busy capital of India, New Delhi, Maxwel Nagpal completed his degree in Mass Communication from Rai Foundation Colleges, Mumbai and began his career as an assistant director at QED Communications for 3 years. His earnest passion for discovering new places and exploring unique ideas led to the beginning of his journey in 2011 when he worked on his first International production - a French feature film Alexandra David Neel. From there he moved on to working on various documentaries, successful TV commercials and photo campaigns in different capacities as a freelancer.

Maxwel has worked with Internationally acclaimed directors such as Shekhar Kapoor, Jerome-Cecil Auffret, Aditya Thayi and Joel Farges to name a few and has been associated with award winning.


Ajit Kumar

Studio Head- Print & Web Design

Originally a web designer, Ajit over the past 3 years has evolved into the key figure who leads design tasks and assignments to completion at SCDS. Ajit heads the responsibility of driving print designs conceived by the team to production in addition to developing web designs and coordinating with the web development team at SCDS.

Ajit is the point of contact for many clients at SCDS. He is in charge of taking design decisions, ensuring timely deliverables and above all, maintaining the quality of design communication. In short, Ajit is the back bone of SCDS. A personality with immense patience and the courage to burn night oil in pressure conditions, Ajit leads the studio while guiding younger design associates.

Prior to SCDS, Ajit has worked in various organizations offering web design solutions to companies around the world. Having joined SCDS, Ajit is all set to take key positions in SCDS in the near future. With an overall experience spanning close to 8 years, Ajit is the 'Mr. Dependable' at SCDS.


Amit Singh

Principal Designer- Concepts, Product and Art

Amit dons many hats. He began his stint with SCDS in the year 2014. He is a design professional, an illustrator, an expert in textile designing and a personality with almost 2 decades of experience in applied design spanning various industries. He brings freshness and vigor to the team at SCDS with his uncanny design sense. Amit has mentored and lead teams in premium organizations like Bhilwara Group, Orient Craft, OBT and DLF. He held key positions in these companies before taking the leap into design education as he found his heart thirsting to contribute to design.

With Amit in the team, SCDS has now also ventured into product design for our clients starting with products that enhance the experience of 'Life In A Car'. Amit plays the vital role in concept generation, idea development and Art. What makes Amit special is his ability and insight to look at design from a layman perspective. His analysis is pure, unadulterated and original, therefore making a design work for the purpose it has been developed for.

Amit is a gold medalist from NID, Ahmedabad, where he did his Master's in Design after completing his BFA from Shankar's Academy, New Delhi. Today Amit is one of the most sought after figures for those opting a career in design communication seeking admission into premium institutes like NID and NIFT.