An idea is a rose bud waiting to bloom, to spread its fragrance of attraction, to cast a spell on memory, an unforgettable experience, it is happiness!
An idea makes everything possible.


We are an unconventional advertising agency flourishing in India. We started in the year 2002 with an aim to make a contribution to the art of communication through- Art, Print Design, Space Design, Voice, Films and Digital Expressions. Beginning our journey with focus on 'memorable brand communication', we have created and re-branded many stories.

Brand design and more

Over the years, we have matured as a 'strategic communications partner' to our clients by way of creating marketing and positioning strategies. We have also defined their leadership & excellence and performance enhancement programs to cultivate attitude, determination and spunk in teams.

Sudarshan Chetlur Design Studio excels in creating and implementing structured visual stories and creative strategies that form the pulse of the brands. We help portray brands as 'FRESH'.